Social Studies Syllabus

Welcome to sixth grade and welcome to my social studies class! I am delighted to begin this year’s social studies journey with you. Our sixth grade social studies class will focus on:


  •     Geography
  •     Economics
  •     Government
  •     Culture
  •     Citizenship
  •     World history

You will take part in many traditional learning experiences, such as note taking, using textbooks, tests and quizzes. You will also participate in many non-traditional, hands-on experiences, in which you will create various products as a way of showcasing your learning. I look forward to an exciting year as we learn about our world!

Supplies Needed for Social Studies

  • 1 5-subject spiral notebook (preferably a Mead 5 Star college ruled) YOU WILL NEED THIS NO LATER THAN THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF SCHOOL!
  • Glue sticks
  • 1 pkg. map (colored) pencils
  • 1 pkg. 12 X 18 or 12 X 9 colored construction paper (To be kept in the class room)
  • Blue and/or black ink pens, pencils, red pen
  • Scissors
  • Notebook paper
  • Poster board and other supplies may be required throughout the year as needed – you will be given notice beforehand.

 Interactive Notebooks

You will be keeping an Interactive Notebook in social studies class throughout the school year. All notes and many assignments will be completed in this notebook. You will need a 5 subject college ruled spiral notebook for this purpose. We will use this notebook each class day; therefore students will be responsible for bringing their interactive notebook to class daily.

If Interactive Notebooks are lost they will need to be replaced, along with all notes and assignments of the current unit. I will be taking a test grade over the notes and assignments that are in your Interactive Notebook at the end of each unit (at least once every six weeks).

Grading Policy

Tentative The grading policy is as follows: Major Grades 50%, Minor Grades 40% and Daily 10%

  • Major Grades = formal tests, projects & interactive notebook unit grade
  • Minor Grades = quizzes, interactive notebook assignments
  • Daily Grades =  bell ringer questions, extra practice sheet, group participation, and group participation

Please note, homework is usually extra practice, but on occasion if a minor assignment is not completed in class, it may come home to be completed for the next school day.

Retest Policy

All students will be provided the opportunity to retest following the return of each major test/project with the following guidelines:

  • The student will be awarded the full value of the retest exam.
  • The student must attend a minimum of one tutorial session prior to the retest date.
  • The retest grade cannot lower the student’s major grade average.
  • The student will not be given the original assessment for a retest.
  • Semester exams are summative assessments and are not eligible for retakes.

The timeline for completing the requirements for a retest will be determined by the teacher. However, all re-testing must take place within 2 weeks of the original date or by the end of the 6 weeks grading period; whichever comes first. The teacher will schedule the retest for a specific date.

It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for an alternative date in advance of the retest.  If a student misses the preassigned date to retest his original grade will stand.

Make-up Work

You are responsible for obtaining all assignments and notes when you are absent! I will have handouts ready for you in the absent bin corresponding to the day or days you missed, and notes will be posted on class blog, but you must remember to pick these up upon returning to class. If your absence is unexcused, the same applies, except that the highest grade you can make on the assignment is a 70%.

 Assignment Procedures

Assignments for the week will be posted on the board in Social Studies classroom and on the class blog. These assignments need to be written in your agenda at the beginning of the week. I will be checking your agenda every Monday to ensure that you are doing this. All work that you complete at home, be it homework, class work or a project will need to be turned into the appropriate tray for your class period or placed in your interactive notebook. All work of this sort will be due on the next class day at the beginning of class, unless I have informed you otherwise.

Failure to turn in class assignments will result in the issuing of an ACE (Refer to your Student Handbook on the ACE Policy).  If an ACE is issued for an assignment the highest grade the student can earn is  a 70%.

 Class Rules

  1.  Have all of your supplies and be ready to work when the class bell rings.
  2.  Be respectful of other’s belongings and personal space.
  3. Listen and follow the teacher’s directions.
  4. Work without disturbing others, whether we are working individually or in groups.
  5.   Build respect toward one another in the classroom by showing kindness and acceptance.

These class rules are expected to be followed until we come together as a class on a specific day to create a Class Social Contract which will ultimately take the place of these rules.  When  that has been completed you will then be expected to follow the Class Social Contract.

All Wester Middle School rules and procedures will be followed in my class, including behavior policies, tardy policy and dress code. Please consult your student handbook for specifics!

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